Monday, 28 September 2015

Nippy Weather Sewing Plans

(image source: Oliver + S)

I usually love the gradual creeping in of Autumn, with a little nip in the air and the beautiful changes of colour all around. However, right now in South East UK the summer has definitely sodded off and Autumn has crept in with a damp, soggy, lack of ceremony. Still, we can always cheer ourselves up by making a fabulous, useful new handmade garment! Today I'd like to share with you what I intend to rustle up over the next few months.

The reason I haven't called this post 'Autumn/Winter Sewing Plans', is that I expect all these garments will see wear throughout the year, not just in A/W. All the pieces I'm planning should be layer-able and  to be worn in a variety of outfit combos. I'm all about maximum wardrobe versatility! Plus, if you're not from or living in the UK, I'll let you into a little secret: the weather here isn't really that bad. The reason why British people are known for moaning so much about it is its unpredictability. MI5 may well be onto me now.... Most other parts of the globe get way more extreme weather of some form or another, but generally most places know what to expect for their season or climate. Here, you can plan a BBQ in July and have it ruined by rain, or you can plan a Novembers day at the indoor soft-play or cinema and find it deserted because it's suddenly turned bright and lovely outside. Generally, the rule of thumb is: if it's nice GET THE HELL OUTSIDE, it may cloud over by the afternoon. 

When it comes to sewing, I am reluctant to state my intended projects as I hate to be tied to my plans, even if it's only myself who will be holding me to account. However, I'm super excited (at the moment) about each of the following, perhaps even enough to see them all through to completion! I'm keeping my sewing projects for Dolores completely spontaneous and commitment-free, so hopefully I can it both ways (planned and unplanned) for a while. Here's what I've been cooking up...


(image source: Wiksten)

This will be my third attempt at the Wiksten Tova Top/Dress pattern. I wear my grey dress (now worn as a tunic) regularly, and I'd love to have another shorter and lighter weight version. I've got some gorgeously soft light-weight denim/cotton from the Fabric Godmother lined up and I'm going to aim for a super neat finish as I want this garment to be something I keep for years and years that improves with wear. Alright, this won't be a nippy weather garment exactly, but layered with a vest or jersey top underneath and a cardi on top, it'll still count! 

I still love my 1960's Breton top (pictured above) sooo much, it's almost weird. It's super comfy, but also feels fairly stylish. I plan to push this magic combo further still by making an even more casual version with some stripy French terry that I was kindly given by the Fabric Godmother. 


(image source: MIY Collection)

Having recently started teaching at Wendy Ward's MIY Workshop in Brighton, I'm becoming better acquainted with her products and I really fancy having a bash at the MIY Collection Brightside Shrug. This is a similar shape to a lovely emerald knit shrug that I scored in a charity shop that I wear quite a lot, and something similar in a different colour would be really useful.


My first and second versions of Gertie's easy knit skirt pattern have been real successes, and I like wearing both more than any other skirt I have ever owned. I'm hoping I've got some more suitable knit fabric lurking in my stash for another (hopefully black...).  


(image source: Oliver + S)

I've had the Liesl + Co Woodland Stroll Cape (pictured above and at the top of this post) Pinned on my 'Sewing Patterns I Want' Pinterest board for yonks. A while back I was looking at a subsection of my fabric stash that I usually pretend does't exist when I realised that a length of check wool in there might just be big enough for this cute cape. I've had the pattern printed and cut out for months, time to attack!

(image source: Papercut Patterns)

The Papercut Patterns Waver Jacket is the most recent addition to my sewing plans. I think this pattern is hasn't been out for long, and when I saw it, I knew it was the pattern I had been waiting for to make a much-needed and longed for rain jacket. Thanks to my sponsor, a copy is winging its way to me as I type. I cannot wait to get cracking on this one, and show you the amazing fabric I have in store for it! Until it's finished, I'm going to keep it a secret....

What about you? Do you have a few plans in the pipeline? Do you feel like me, in that you are often reluctant to share your plans 'out loud' in case you change your mind? 


brooke said...

I have been wanting to make that cape for a long time too! I'm looking forward to seeing yours (no pressure or anything ;) and maybe next year I'll give it a crack...
Here in Melbourne we often get four seasons in one day so I feel you. I was shocked the first time I lived in a place that had four consistent seasons. You mean it's hot everyday? And then cold everyday!? The one benefit of Melbourne weather though is at least when there's a heat wave, you know you don't have to wait too long for the cool change to come!

Rebecca Pattydoo said...

Haha! Good point about the English weather - we talk about it because we have no idea what it will do next ;)

Also, love the cape. I've been meaning to make one for years, but am still capeless... need to prioritise! Seems like such a fun and smart item to wear...

Macska said...

Haha gotta love those changeable weather patterns - they keep things interesting, at least! We're the same down here in New Zealand - definitely four seasons in one day, and can get a good range of 10 or more degrees within just a few hours. Layering is key..... :-p

Mother of Reinvention said...

Great patterns and nice outfit ideas. I really like the shrug. It looks very cozy. I know what you mean about the weather. It does get very cold up here in the North though and the weather can be truly awful. When I lived in Aberdeen we had -26 degrees and chest-high snow one year. With the wind chill it was bitter but the snow was lots of fun. I don't think that it ever gets so bad on the South Coast. You are lucky. Saying that we have had beautiful sunshine and very warm temperatures for the last couple of days. It has really been like Summer.
I am looking to sew a smart, work appropriate coat, some smart trousers and tops that are travel-proof (also for work) and some vintage stuff for me. We also have a posh Christmas do so I will need something for that. Just how much will get sewn and how much will remain a plan I don't know. I still have the fabric and patterns for things I was going to sew 10 years ago. :) Xx said...

Thanks for introducing me to the Papercut Patterns Waver jacket. I'm a massive Papercut fan, but this one slipped through my 'exciting new pattern' radar. Can't wait to see which fabric you choose for this.

pootleandmake said...

Great to sew list. I have my eye on the Liesel and co Woodland cape too. It'll be perfect for laying. I don't like to share as my sewing list seems to change weekly!

Anonymous said...

I didn't think I was keen on capes, but that version looks lovely so I might be tempted to become a 'caped crusader'.
So true about our weather - this morning I had to wrap up to go and tackle the garden, within an hour I had removed layers down to a t-shirt, and this afternoon I sat in the sunshine, reading my book.

H Handcrafts said...

I really love that coat pattern but I just dont think I will have the tie this winter, my sewing plans list is already too long, I suppose there is always next winter...

Minnado said...

I like all those plans, I wanted to make the woodland cape from some stash tweed but it is not quite big enough, so I ll have to wait for some spare funds to buy fabric. Hmmm, wondering what to ebay....I am looking forward to seeing your tova dress. My sewing plans include a denim eighties dress, some stripey ottobre tees and helping my eight year old make a layered skirt. She just finished her first dress. X

sewsouthlondon said...

Great choices. I made the Woodland Stroll cape last summer and have loads of wear out of it.

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